• The Commission On Cryptocurrencies And Digital Assets in New Hampshire has suggested the state integrate bitcoin mining operations into its energy plan.
•Texas Work Group On Blockchain Matters recently recommended allowing bitcoin investments and giving tax incentives to local miners.
• Both reports cite the need for regulation to protect consumers and advocate for further research into Bitcoin.

New Hampshire Investigating Bitcoin Integration Into Energy Plan

Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire issued an executive order in February 2022, directing the state’s Commission On Cryptocurrencies And Digital Assets to look into how bitcoin mining operations could be integrated into a statewide energy plan. The commission returned results that suggest such integration would have positive impacts on the electricity system, including contributing to a more stable grid, more sustainable generation projects, and lower costs for consumers generally.

Texas Looking Into Allowing Bitcoin Investments

A report directed at members of the Texas legislature titled “Texas Work Group On Blockchain Matters” suggested making bitcoin an authorized investment for the state, while giving tax incentives to local BTC miners. The report concluded that further research was necessary before any decisions were made about incorporating cryptocurrency into the economy.

Regulation Necessary For Consumer Protection

The New Hampshire report also emphasized that regulations must be in place to protect consumers from potential risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. Appendix B of their findings states that “a well regulated cryptocurrency market provides consumer protection, and trust in the market which is a boon to investors, the general public, and businesses alike.” This indicates that American states are increasingly considering the benefits of embracing bitcoin while protecting citizens from harm through adequate regulation.

States Leading Way In US Adoption Of Bitcoin

If states like New Hampshire and Texas choose to follow these recommendations it could lead other U.S. states towards greater adoption of cryptocurrencies. It is important for those within or connected to the Bitcoin ecosystem to advocate for continued inquiry into how states can safely incorporate cryptocurrency technologies so as not only benefit their own economies but also advance wider adoption across America as a whole.


In conclusion, it appears as though both New Hampshire and Texas are keen on exploring ways in which they can incorporate digital assets such as Bitcoin into their respective economies safely with adequate regulation in place to protect citizens from potential harms associated with cryptocurrency investments . As such these two states may end up leading other American states towards greater adoption of cryptocurrencies if they decide to take action on these recommendations moving forward .

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