What is Madeira?

Madeira is a small island located off the coast of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for its picturesque landscapes, warm climate and rich cultural heritage. It has become a popular tourist destination, with regular direct flights to New York and several European capital cities. Madeiran bananas, passionfruit and tea are exported, while tourism and remittances are important sources of income.

Why Bitcoiners Are Talking About Madeira

This summer saw a group of high-profile Bitcoiners travel to Madeira to “orange pill” the island with their Bitcoin story. Pleb Music shot a documentary featuring drone shots, storytelling sleight of hand and agile camerawork by @Cinemuck_. The Northern hemisphere winter makes for an excellent time to watch it and learn about why this Portuguese isle should feature on any traveling Bitcoiner’s bucket list.

Features Of The Island

Madeira features an abundance of natural beauty that has attracted tourists from around the world. It also boasts a temperate climate which allows for year-round activities such as ecotourism and digital nomadism. In addition, Madeiran cuisine includes espetada (a posh kebab) as well as quality steak and fish – something that appeals to many Bitcoiners.

Why Visit?

Visiting Madeira can offer travelers an insight into traditional culture while also sampling some delicious food options. For those interested in cryptocurrency, it is also an ideal spot to explore Bitcoin adoption, as the island has been working on ways to increase usage of the currency in recent years.


Madeira is a beautiful island with plenty to offer both tourists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike. Its warm climate, diverse landscape and various attractions make it a great destination for travelers looking for something new or wanting to explore more about Bitcoin adoption!

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