Bitcoiners’ Low Adoption Rate

• According to CroesusSource, only .01% of the world’s population has adopted Bitcoin.
• This means that there are currently only 250,000 Bitcoin Maximalists (people who hold 50% of their net worth in bitcoin) out of a total of 2.2 billion people.
• This low adoption rate shows that Bitcoiners still have difficulty convincing more people to join their cause.

Origin Story

I can’t remember how I viewed the world before I was a Bitcoiner. I believe that everything can be related back to Bitcoin and it’s obvious to me and other believers. We think that this new system is fairer and will remain long after we’re gone, but in order for it to work, we need to fund it by giving people the opportunity to vote with their money and opt out of fiat currency.

Force Pilling

I started telling my closest friends and family about my epiphany but they weren’t convinced as easily as I was. My attempts at orange pilling didn’t work so well because they just couldn’t see what I saw. It felt like no matter how much evidence or logic I presented, they just couldn’t get on board with my enthusiasm for Bitcoin.

The Solution

The solution is simple – we need more education about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology so non-believers can understand why it’s important. We also need better marketing tactics so that those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies can still be intrigued enough to learn more about them without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the tech behind them.

Working Together

Bitcoiners must come together and focus on spreading awareness about cryptocurrency instead of arguing over which currency is better than another or debating technical details that most people don’t understand yet anyway. We also need to invest in infrastructure improvements such as Lightning Network nodes so transactions become faster, cheaper, and easier for everyone to use – not just us early adopters! Finally, we must continue investing in projects like BTCPayServer which helps businesses accept payments easier across multiple currencies including BTC and ETH while protecting user privacy at all times!

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