• Chainwire Shiba Memu, a new dog-themed memecoin, has reported strong demand for its presale, raising almost $800,000 in just nine days.
• The project is centred around combining AI with advanced memetics to create a token that can market itself.
• SHMU tokens are currently available to buy on the official website and holders will be able to stake their coins to earn additional SHMU tokens.

Overview of Shiba Memu

ChainWire Shiba Memu (SHMU) is a new dog-themed memecoin that has experienced strong demand during its presale period, raising almost $800,000 in only nine days. This project combines AI technology with advanced memetics to create a token that is capable of self-marketing and promotion. The token’s value increases every 24 hours until it eventually launches on multiple exchanges and holders are able to stake their coins for additional rewards.

AI Technology

Shiba Memu’s roadmap focuses on utilizing AI technology to disrupt traditional markets. The coin’s AI learns from successful marketing strategies and generates its own PR content which is spread across relevant forums and social media networks. It then monitors the success of its marketing efforts while continuously adjusting and optimizing content for further results. As the platform operates autonomously without human input, delays are eliminated and time-consuming tasks become obsolete.

KYC Process & CertiK

Shiba Memu has been approved by CertiK, an elite blockchain auditor which ensures that the code is secure through a KYC process and reinforces the project’s authenticity amongst investors. Furthermore, users have access to native utility features making it an attractive long-term hold for meme lovers as well as crypto enthusiasts alike.

Increasing Prices

The cost of SHMU tokens started at $0.011125 during the first day of presale but this price will continue increasing by $0.000225 each day until launch date when it will reach 119% more than initial launch price .


Overall, Shiba Memu offers an innovative project that combines state-of-the-art AI technology with advanced memetics in order to create a self-promoting token backed by reliable security measures which make it an attractive investment opportunity with significant potential returns upon launch date

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