• Alterna Network is a Layer-1 blockchain platform delivering independence, security, speed, and cost-effectiveness.
• It operates independently from external networks with consensus among validators to finalize transactions.
• With its focus on lightning-fast transaction speeds and cost-effective gas fees, Alterna Network aspires to surpass Ethereum and Solana’s benchmarks.

Launch of Alterna Network

Alterna Network is a Layer-1 blockchain revolutionizing the industry by delivering unparalleled independence, security, speed, and cost-effectiveness for users worldwide. With a community-driven approach and commitment to innovation, it has set out to reshape the landscape of cryptocurrency applications.

Independence & Transparency

Operating independently from external networks allows for transaction finalization without relying on intermediaries. Every transaction processed on the network is visible to all users simultaneously ensuring accountability and minimizing fraudulent activities while fostering trust within the network.

Speed & Efficiency

Incorporating a layer-2 solution directly into its Layer-1 infrastructure enables lightning-fast transaction speeds which surpass those of Ethereum and Solana with an impressive 3.5 million transactions per second (TPS). To maintain stability in transaction speeds while offering affordable gas fees Alterna Network ensures that users can benefit from enhanced transaction speeds without incurring exorbitant costs.

Community Engagement

The platform has attracted a vibrant community from various regions engaging through social media platforms such as Telegram group linked via official website which shares a strong belief in the importance of fostering innovation making transactions and application development seamless.

Commitment To Innovation

To support ongoing innovations and the growth of the Alterna Network, it encourages collaboration between experienced blockchain experts aiming to achieve stability in transaction speeds while striving for high transaction throughput benchmarked by Ethereum and Solana’s performance metrics.

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